Chemistry – Bachelor’s Degree Program in Technological Chemistry



The Bachelor’s Degree Program in Technological Chemistry prepares qualified professionals to work in commercial and research settings in the ​field of ​Chemistry.

PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: Bachelor of Technological Chemistry

RANGE OF PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: In addition to Chemistry-specific professional remits, holders of a Bachelor’s Degree in Technological Chemistry from the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul can perform the following activities:

  1. a) Production, pre-treatment, and complementary treatment of products and residues.
  2. b) Operation and maintenance of equipment and facilities; technical activities.
  3. c) Implementation and control of industrial operations and processes and of technical tasks, including repair and maintenance.
  4. d) Research and development in industrial operations and processes.
  5. e) Design and implementation of materials processing projects.
  6. f) Technical and technical-economic feasibility studies, in accordance with respective official remits.


AREAS OF PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: Bachelors in Technological Chemistry have mastery of core techniques for using laboratories and related equipment. These professionals are qualified to engage in socioeconomic activities involving transformation of materials, selecting and controlling these transformations and their products, critically interpreting the phases of these processes in terms of effects and results, adopting a creative approach toward problem solving, and developing new applications and technologies. Bachelors in Technological Chemistry are generalist professionals prepared for a wide range of Chemistry fields and trained to apply scientific knowledge in the areas of Chemistry technology and related fields with an ethical approach to nature and individuals.

DEGREE EARNED: Bachelor of Chemistry

PROGRAM ATTENDANCE: Classroom- and laboratory-based